The Firm executes substantial amount of conveyance work and this one of its major areas of practice. It deals in all kinds of real property transactions including;

Mortgages, charges, debentures, purchases, sales, leases, licences and transfer of land, charges, mortgages, sectional property transactions, sub-divisions, changes of user, conveyances, reconveyances, discharge of charges, caveats, cautions, easements, extension expired of Government Leases, Licenses, Powers of Attorney, prohibitions, Rectification of Titles, easements, Sale of Land, Sub-divisions, Trusts relating to Land, Wills, applying for and obtaining the various consents required under the law, paying land rent and rates on behalf of clients, attendant stamping and registration formalities, and advising clients generally on all aspects of land law.

The Firm also handles litigation resulting from purchases and leases and offers Legal advisory services rendered in a precise and timely manner.

Our clients, both local and foreign, include investors, agencies, commercial and residential developers and financial institutions. They rely on us because we understand the technicalities and implications of all transactions. We strive to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected from any potential liability. We take a result oriented and strategic approach, which helps our team successfully conclude all transactions in a timely way.

Our extensive experience over the years has led us to easily adapt to all developments; we make it our duty to keep our clients abreast of the comprehensive reforms in the land sector.